Haworth Rossman & Gerstman, LLC


Class actions and other multiclaimant proceedings, in which there are thousands – or even millions – of plaintiffs, pose some of the most substantial litigation threats to corporations. While class actions vary, at their core they present the same challenges. All class actions involve complex procedural issues, as to which we provide our clients with immediate, strategic counsel. A corporate defendant's paramount goals are to stop the action at its inception, prevent certification and, if the action survives, to manage the risk effectively.

To meet the challenges of class actions, we use both our procedural knowledge of the class action process, as well as our substantive knowledge of the subject matter of a particular class action, whether it be product liability, commercial or toxic tort or consumer fraud, to name a few. Our attorneys have years of experience representing the industries that so often find themselves subject to class disputes: consumer products, manufacturing, life sciences, insurance, transportation and motor vehicles.